What Will Happen on 2012?

We are getting closer to December 21, 2012 and the frequencies of the Earth are rising at a very fast rate. Many people are experiencing these 12th dimensional and even higher frequencies in various different ways, some are having spiritual awakenings, feeling lighter and more expansive while others are feeling overwhelmed with stress, challenges, pain, suffering, feeling lost and drama.

Why is this happening?

It has to do with your level of DNA Activation and the energetic blockages that are in your field. When higher dimensional frequencies come to the Earth and those who live on it, those frequencies are meant to be accreted in your auric field for expansion and ascension. When you accrete these higher frequency vibrations the particle pulsation rhythm of your auric field and DNA shifts and you begin to experience a new reality. You are literally expanding your awareness by tuning in to a different frequency band of reality, like changing the channel of your perception antenna.

Yet if you have energetic blockages like auric attachments, karmic imprints and reverse fire letter sequences in your DNA then instead of accreting this light in your field, it will cause what is known as molecular compaction. The higher dimensional frequencies will push down on your energetic blockages and cause chaos on all levels of your consciousness. In addition to the frequency fence that the matrix is creating to keep you stuck in the 5 sense reality and visible light.

What does this has to do with December 21, 2012?

Well right now the Earth it's nearing the peak of a Stellar Activation Cycle which only happens every 25,556 years. The Earth and its people are meant to ascend during each one of these cycles yet because of distortions on the Earth's grids and genetic manipulation to the human race DNA we haven't been able to ascend for over 560 million years! Imagine how many lifetimes have you incarnated in that time :) Only a few have been able to ascend, many of you know about these ascended masters and how involved they are right now assisting humanity to make this ascension cycle.

So where exactly are we ascending to?

It depends on the level of DNA Activation you have. For example if, you have 4 strands of DNA you will ascend to the 4th dimension, if you have 5 strands of DNA you will ascend to the 5th dimension or if you have 12 strands of DNA you will ascend to the 12th dimension. You get the picture. Your DNA contains the KEYS to pass through the Earth's stargates. Depending on what keys you have active then you will be able to go through that specific stargate and tune in to a different frequency band.

Right now a great part of humanity has only 3-3.5 DNA Strands activated and won't be able to ascend to the 4th dimension. Those who do not activate the higher strands will remain stuck in what is know as the Phantom Earth for another 25,000+ years until the next ascension cycle. If you are like me and you have a deep longing to go "home" then this is simply not an option.

Yet here is the thing, from what we know the planet Tara (the Higher Self of Earth in dimensions 4-6) is in worst shape than Earth. If you ascend to the 4th, 5th or 6th dimension you will be evolving and its definitely better than being stuck on Phantom Earth yet it won't be that pretty of a picture. You will have to work a lot to keep going up the dimensional scale.

How can I ascend to the highest dimensions?

In the ancient times DNA Activation would happen naturally and organically. There was no need for someone else to activate your DNA. Yet because of the distortions in the Earth's grids and human DNA code this unfortunately is no longer the case.

In order for you to ascend to dimensions 12-15th which are the highest dimensions of this time matrix you have to do a lot of energy clearings and massive 12 strand DNA activations. Yet time is at hand and the Ascended Masters know this. That is why they went to ask for assistance in what is known as the Absolute Harmonic Universe or the Golden Liquid Realms which is the Higher Self of this ENTIRE 15 multidimensional matrix we live in. The Absolute Harmonic Universe is BEYOND any dimension.

The Golden Council of AH Universe decided to gift humanity with a stargate from AH. Plus they gave the Golden DNA Activation AH Codes for people to be able to walk through this unique stargate and ascend DIRECTLY to AH, without having to go through the dimensions 4-15. The AH Universe is pure harmony and that is where I desire to be and I'm pretty sure most of you do as well.

Will I'll be able to ascend without the Golden DNA Activations?

If 144,000 people activate the Golden DNA then we will reach CRITICAL MASS, we will heal the energy grids of Earth and most of humanity will be able to ascend. When someone activates their own Golden DNA they become a pillar of light, securing their ascension process and assisting humanity raise their frequency. This is our soul purpose.

Yet if you are like me, you will take action and activate your own Golden DNA and not wait for other people to do so for you to ascend to the 4th or 5th dimension the most. When you activate your own Golden DNA you will have the KEY to walk through the AH Stargate and assist other people who don't even know about this.

I do desire to be absolutely clear about the following: we don’t know what is going to happen on December 21, 2012. And I don’t think anybody knows for sure. Yet what we do know is that the collective thoughts of humanity will affect the different probable futures that could unfold. In my own personal opinion there is a possibility that we could ascend in December 21-23 2012 (I would obviously love this to happen) yet what I feel is most likely to happen is that there will be an ascension window from 2012-2017 and beyond. The frequencies of ascension will continue to be accreted by the Earth and it’s people and depending on how much DNA you have activated the more light you will be able to hold in your morphogenetic field.

What do I require to do in order to ascend?

First you require to clear the highest priority auric attachments and karmic imprints that are hindering your spiritual evolution the most and attracting you to a low frequency grid of people, places, times, things and events. Once you clear these energetic blockages then you proceed to remove blockages on your 12 Strands of DNA (24-48 for Indigos) and finally you activate the Golden DNA to activate the KEY for ascension and be able to walk through the AH Stargate.

What are the reported benefits, results and symptoms of DNA Activation?

From my own personal experience the single best benefit from DNA Activation is becoming more aware of your divine purpose here on Earth. There is an indescribable sense of joy when you find the answer to the question “why am I here and what is my purpose?”. This is due to the fact that one of the main benefits and results from DNA Activation is consciousness expansion. Most people have no idea of what their Soul purpose is because they have blockages on their DNA.

Your Higher Self contains all the knowledge and purpose of why you incarnated right here and now and what is it that you came to do. DNA Activation also activates dormant brain functions to their highest energy holding potential and original divine function, specially your pineal and pituitary glands, medulla oblongata and hypothalamus so you will begin to manifest your dormant higher senses like telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition and direct cognition and with practice you will start using them on a daily basis.

Typical physical benefits and symptoms of DNA Activation include: increased energy and rejuvenation of various organs, tissues and muscles. On the emotional side your body will go through a detox of old, repressed and unresolved emotions, releasing these poisons from your body that have been causing you a great deal of suffering in your life. Many of these unresolved and repressed emotions are what actually manifest as physical diseases, so spontaneous healing of acute dis-eases are common. Your mental body will also go through a detoxification process as your brain neural nets re-pattern by clearing dysfunctional attitudes, beliefs systems and thoughtforms. This means greater genius, improved concentration and focus to accomplish the things you most desire.

Another phenomenal benefit is that you will RISE ABOVE THE MATRIX in which most people are trapped and identified with low frequency negative thougtforms and fears. Many of you can feel how heavy the matrix is getting and how those (here on Earth and in other dimensions) who want to control the Earth and it’s people are doing everything they can to fulfill their fallen agenda. When you activate your DNA you raise and shift your frequency so it doesn’t match the frequency of the Dark Matrix, you are able to see beyond and above.

Common symptoms of a successful DNA Activation are high temperatures, sweating, headache, dizziness, ringing in the ears, tingling in the arms, hands, legs or feet and wanting to sleep longer and more often than normal.

How does DNA Activation affect my everyday life?

Another exciting thing is that when you bring more light into your field, which is exactly what DNA activation does, you increase your frequency. Everything has a certain frequency and depending on your frequency you attract people, places, events, and things of a similar high frequency. With DNA Activation you will be able to interpret and perceive many of life’s situations more clearly and with greater focus. Most people have blockages on the 4th strand of DNA which corresponds to their 4th chakra. Once you activate your 4th DNA strand you will be able to access deeper states of unconditional self-love.

You will be able to see many opportunities that before you simply were not aware of. And because you will progressively embody your Higher Self and higher dimensions of consciousness, your manifestations abilities will be greatly enhanced. Now you will be able to manifest using more dimensions of consciousness, as opposed to what most of humanity has which is 3 to 3.5 levels of consciousness. Imagine being able to hand directly your intent to manifest anything directly to your Higher Self and that this intent begins to manifest all the way from higher dimensions. You will start having strong intuitions on what you need to do here on 3D to manifest the things you desire. And with DNA Activation you will be more aware of your co-creative abilities, which include advance manifestation skills.

One of the most important benefits is that you will start to tune in to higher frequency bands beyond visible light. This means activating your higher senses and seeing beyond the matrix frequency fence in which most of humanity is stuck on. This is how you ascend.

The list goes on and on. In a nutshell DNA Activation: joy, spiritual ascension, hyperconscious awareness, higher frequency, and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Here are the recommended sessions to remove as many energetic blockages and activate the most DNA possible for the embodiment of your Higher Self, spiritual awakening and ascension.

Auric Clearing- the ultimate calibration for your auric field. Clears ids (identities), occupants, portals, wormholes, removes discarnates and many more auric attachments to raise your frequency and enhance the Life Force Energy flow throughout your body thus preventing many future dis-eases from manifesting. In this session we remove the highest priority blockages, thought-forms and auric attachments that are causing you the greatest suffering and keep you on a low frequency fence.

Karma Removal- transmutes your highest priority polarized karmic contracts which are; decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes held consciously and unconsciously that hinder your life. Get out of the strongest “karmic loops”, get rid of deep emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and recover the golden nuggets of wisdom held in those experiences.

Karmic imprints like guilt, codependency, poverty consciousness, unworthiness, shame, etc. are passed on through the DNA. The effects of parental imprints go at least seven generations back. These ids start activating on children around the age of 4 and that is when they start loosing their state of exuberance and start embracing fear, worry, despair, sadness, etc. Parents often raise their children based on how they were raised and project many of their own fears, worries, guilt, shame, lack, unworthiness, etc. to their own children. In this session your Higher self will guide me to clear many collective belief systems and lies that we have accepted and have been passed on from generation to generation.

As we grow and become adults we have consistently and often unconsciously emotionally charged many of these imprints that do not belong to us, yet they greatly influence our life reality and hold us back from our true potential. It is time to stop beating yourself and blaming yourself for this. These are not your karmic imprints, most people are walking the karma from their parents and ancestors and have no idea what their life’s mission is. Once we clear these the person can start to walk their own path, do their own work and fulfill their life’s mission.

Golden DNA Activations

The Golden DNA is the highest as this is the DNA from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, the Higher self universe of the one we are currently in. We are ascending to AH so we require to activate the Golden DNA codes so that we can accrete this frequency of the Golden Liquid Realms. When you activate the Golden DNA codes within your field you will also assist other people to ascend as well by becoming a frequency pillar of golden liquid light.

There are a total of 12 Golden DNA Activation Codes that will be activated in 3 sessions.

All sessions will be done interactively via GoToMeeting where you will be able to hear my voice as I perform the clearings, activations and guide you into a deep state of meditation. Each session last about an hour. You can login to the sessions using your computer or call in from a telephone.

I will also teach you how to connect to your Higher Self and read energy signatures so you can FEEL the energy transmission and instantly verify the clearings/activations. Plus you will learn how to receive and read answers from your Higher Self.

Once you order your sessions you will receive an email with the link and phone number for the session(s) and some pre & after session instructions. Sessions can be done remotely (non-interactive) upon request.

How do I order and schedule my healing sessions?

You can purchase each session separately for $147 or 5 sessions for $528 ($207 discount) which includes a bonus 30min Question and Answers video chat session.

To schedule your session please click on this link:

Healing Sessions Online Purchase and Schedule

This secure web-scheduler will allow you to purchase the desired sessions and then self-schedule.  Please just sign in and click the Online Store tab to order. Then under Series and Membership select Phase I to purchase any of the Phase I sessions. You will receive an e-mail payment confirmation as well as the pre-session instructions. Once you have checked out, please go to the Appointments tab to schedule your sessions.

You can also vist my other website www.AscendedRelationships.com/healing-sessions to pay with PayPal and see additional sessions available.

If you have any questions or problems ordering your sessions, scheduling them or any other question, please e-mail clientservices@auriccalibration.com

How do I have my Healing Sessions?

Your DNA Practitioner, Gustavo Castañer will connect to your Higher Self at the time of your session. There are specific pre-session instructions that must be done as well. The healing sessions and activations are all done interactively through GoToMeeting, you will receive a link to connect once you reserve your session. At the scheduled session time after performing the pre-session instructions, Gustavo Castañer will connect to your energy field. Gustavo will work with your Higher self to transmute as many fragmentations as possible for you at this point in your evolution. You will recover many golden soul fragments that represents pearls of wisdom and a new download from your Higher self.

It is recommended that you do one session per week to allow the proper integration.

What is the time and date for each session?

Please visit our Healing Sessions Online Purchase and Schedule to view our calendar. Find a available time (light blue) and click on top of Phase I to reserve your session.

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